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Art Instruction Youth / Enseignement Artistique Jeunes

Art Instruction, Youth  / Enseignement Jeunes

Dragon by Aidan Quinn, age 9.

Dear Principals, Teachers and Recreational Program Managers;


I am currently seeking a postion as an art instructor with your recreational classes for your elementary aged students and youth.  I am seeking after 4pm and other employment opportunities at your school, including Visting Artist Programs.  I can also work in your home or facility.  My availability also includes Virtual Online Drawing and Painting Classes, Online Cartooning and Online Arts & Crafts programs.  I create a wide variety of art programs for in-person classes, including drawing and painting, pen and ink, watercolour and acrylic painting, large scale mural painting, large textile wall hangings/weavings using re-processed fabrics, plate decorating, sculpture, ceramics and specialty modeling clays, arts and crafts, beading, mask making, pastel, reverse glass painting, cartooning and beginners anime as well as work in other media.  I offer a broad range of high quality artistic activities for your creative group in a fun, informative and nuturing environment.  I have worked with the developmentally challenged, as well as students with Autism, students with visual impairment and mental health issues.  I am always quick to praise and encourage blossoming artistic talent.


It is my hope that my 25+ years of classroom experience with the Toronto District School Board and The City of Toronto Parks and Recreation will be an asset to any position you may have?  To find out about a program for your creative group...please do not hesitate to call or text me at: 1 (647) 403-9244 or call my home: 1 (416) 481-0840.




Animal Paper Mache Mask Making Workshop.   







In person Classes start at $50. per hour, based on up to 5 participants*.

* Must be accesable by TTC.  Additional fee may be required for some distances.

Supplies are extra. 






At School / Camp Acrylic Paint Day...Animals Workshop / Portraiture / Landscapes


Attention: Principals, teachers, parents, care-givers, councillors, section heads...this course is for you: 

Are you interested in promoting creativity in your facility? My two hour class with step-by-step instruction offers the beauty of painting wildlife in the comfort of your facility.  I am a three times vaccinated art instructor who offers all students...even those with no prior painting experience the chance to create beautiful acrylic animals.  I have references for over 100 animals.  Portraiture is taught to the beginner by drawing each other and then painting the face.  Landscapes are available too with over 40 references for realistic landscapes.  My fees are $80. per hour, based on a two hour workshop with 25 students.  Supplies are extra.  An additional fee of cab fare may be required, depending on distance to your facility and the amount I must carry of supplies.  Or a lift in your car may be arranged.  Hurry! now to avoid the dissapointment that you don't get the date you would like. 






Virtual Online Drawing and Cartooning Classes Available


Suggested ages: 7 to 17 years old.  Please be "drawing friendly" and ready to create. Class commences May 3rd to  May 26th, 2022.


Enrich your home creativity!!!





Virtual classes offered online for children and youth.  These classes payments are organized on a sliding scale with a suggested fee of 1 hour for $20., per child.  Non payments of my fee will result in cancellation from the class. Although every effort will be made to be tolerant, continued discipline problems will not be tolerated and subject to removal of the child.  A 2B, 4B, and 6B pencil, plastic eraser, drawing paper 8.5" x 11", clip board and pencil crayons or markers will be required.  For more information please call: (647) 403-9244.  Topics covered include, facial anatomy, figures in movement, step-by-step references for drawing different animals, one point perspective to achieve a 3D look, flowers and plants, landscapes, cars & trucks, Disney cartoons,  Manga style cartooning and more!  Come join us and have some fun!  


Course fee is $160. for 8 one hour classes.  They run every Tuesday and Thursday, from 5pm to 6pm (Eastern Standard Time).  Fee is payable 10 days before the first class starts.  Send money order or cheque payable to:  ASHLEY NITKIN.  Mail to:

1 Hillholm Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

M5P 1M1  Do NOT send cash, Money Order or cheque only.  Please include phone contact of adult and an operating email address. This email is necessary to provide the student with worksheets they will use while the class is going on. You should have a printer to print off the worksheets for the workshop.    Priority will be given to clients whose cheque is received first.  Hurry, space is limited! (Other classes besides Drawing are available online as well...just ask!)



Review of Online Drawing Courses with Ashley Nitkin:

"I really appreciated how you taught my daughter to draw a human face so well.  She never accomplished it before and she drew it with proficiency.  I liked how you gave her a wide variety of anime worksheets to draw from.  My daughter is looking forward to seeing you again after summer vacation so she can continue in your classes."


Kiranjit Chima, Kitchener, Ontario.


"Ashley is a wonderful teacher.  With his knowledge, expertise...he is able to get incredible work from his students!"


Ann Harrison, Teacher, Toronto, Ontario.


"Ashley Nitkin was a great instructor for the camp program, ages 11 to 17.  He is patient, kind and very helpful in gently guiding the students to create their own materpieces".


Sheri Krell, Camp Administrator, Machane Lev Camp, Sudbury, ON. 



NEXT CLASSES START: To be announced. 

 Reserve your spot soon, for the next group of 8 classes!

Other days and times available if you are interested?  Please inquire at (647) 403-9244.  Or call my home line: 1 (416) 481-0840.




Instructor:  Ashley Nitkin. In person classes are starting again now.  Please feel free to book ahead.  Ask about my special rates for Kids Parties... T shirts, crafts...etc!    For more information please do not hesitate to call or text:

(647) 403-9244, or call (416) 481-0840.




Cher Directeur de L'education / Principal(e) / Professeur:


Je suis un professeur d'art, avec plus de 20 ans d'experience dans l'enseignement a la recherche d'un emploi?


Je m'excuse mais je n'apprends que le Francais.  Merci!


Ashley F. Nitkin

1 Hillholm Rd.,

Toronto, Ontario,

Canada.  M5P 1M1








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