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Art Instruction Adults / Enseignement Artistique Adultes

Art Instruction, Adults /  Enseignement Artistique Adultes

Landscape by: Diane Cochrane

Vase of Flowers by Diane Miles




Flower Painting Workshop, Spadina Road Library.



Drawing & Painting



Take your drawing and painting skills to the next level with these intensive courses.  Students will work from photographs and step-by-step drawing guides to create their own drawings, watercolours and acrylic paintings.  Various techniques will be demonstrated and individualized instruction given in these fun and informative sessions.  Some of these courses are subject to enrolment register early!  These classes will be starting up again soon due to the Pandemic being over.  Please reserve your spot soon!



Virtual Online Drawing Classes for adults and seniors!


Enrich your home creativity!






Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced pencil drawing for artists.  This is a virtual online classes offered online.  This is sliding scale payment, with a suggested fee of $25. per hour. This is a one hour class.  The Money Order or Cheque is to be made payable to:  ASHLEY NITKIN.  Non payment of fee will result in a cancelled class.  Topics we will be covering in virtual classes include, drawing the face in proportion and emotions and expressions, nude and  clothed figures in movement, famous people, historic cars and trucks, animals from step-by-step reference sheets, architecture, flowers and plants, landscapes, seasonal creations and more!!! 


Mail cheques and money orders payable to:  Ashley Nitkin. Send to:  1 Hillholm Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5P 1M1  Please include your phone number and an operating email address.  



Required items for the class include a 2B, 4B, and 6B pencil, white plastic eraser, sharpner, 8.5" x 11" paper, clip board, assorted coloured pencil crayons / assorted colour markers.  A functioning email address will be necessary so I can forward you drawing references prior to the scheduled classes. These workshop sheets can be printed off by you at home prior to the class start time.  Come join us and get your creative juices flowing!


Course starts Dec. 2nd, 2021 and runs to the end of Dec. 28th, 2021. Classes run 7pm to 8pm (Eastern Standard Time).  Money Order or cheque is acceptable.  (NO CASH)  Payment is due 10 days before first class.  Hurry, space is limited, so book early!


Fee is $200. for 8 1hr. sessions, over a four week period.  Course runs Tuesdays and Thursdays for four weeks.  Please state whether you are a "beginner, intermediate or advanced drawer" along with your contact information and email address as this will be needed when forwarding you class workshop sheets.




NEXT CLASSES START:  To be announced.

Reserve your spot soon!  This will run for 4 weeks as well,

on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Other days and times are available...please inquire? 1 (647) 403-9244.



Review of Online Drawing Course with Ash Nitkin:

Ashley is a fantastic teacher and great artistic talent.  He is very accommodating to people's schedules and really enjoys watching people grow artistically.


J.S.O.  Toronto, Ontario.



Review of Online Drawing Course with Ash Nitkin:

I have been enrolled in Mr. Nitkin's 4-week long adult online drawing class and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Mr. Nitkin is a dedicated, resourceful instructor who provides positive constructive feedback.  The class size was small so he was able to cater the subject matter to my preferences and we worked at a pace that was manageable.  I have not considered myself an artist but with Ashley's guidance I am gaining more confidence in my drawing abilities.  I recommend this course for anyone wishing to begin or further their drawing experiences.


Paul M., Peterborough, Ont.




Private Lessons in your home or facility anywhere accessable by TTC.  I have worked extensively with people with Learning Disabilities and special needs as well as the general public.  Available Saturday afternoons, Sundays mornings, noon and evenings.  Please contact me for inquiries: (647) 403-9244, or (416) 481-0840.  These classes are soon to be started again with the ending of the Pandemic.  Please inquire and reserve your spot soon!




Instructor: Ashley Nitkin

Other references available at your request.  Please inquire.  Thank you!



Ashley F. Nitkin

1 Hillholm Rd.,

Toronto, Ontario.

Canada.  M5P 1M1




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