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Art Instruction, Adult and Senior / Enseignement Artistique Adultes et Seniors

Art Instruction, Adult and Senior  /  Enseignement Artistique Adultes et Seniors

Landscape by: Diane Cochrane

Vase of Flowers by Diane Miles




Flower Painting Workshop, Spadina Road Library.



Drawing & Painting



Take your drawing and painting skills to the next level with these intensive courses.  Students will work from photographs and step-by-step drawing guides to create their own drawings, watercolours and acrylic paintings.  Various techniques will be demonstrated and individualized instruction given in these fun and informative sessions.  Please note that these are five seperate classes.  Some of these courses are subject to enrolment numbers...so register early!



Stan Wadlow Clubhouse

373 Cedarvale Ave., (416) 396-2842

19 yrs.+  9 weeks.

Wednesdays, 10am to 12 noon.

Fridays, 10am to 12 noon.  Starting Oct. 7th, Oct. 9, 2020.

Please bring your own art materials.




St. Lawrence C.R.C.

230 The Esplanade., (416) 392-1347

This is registered as a Drawing and Painting class for adults and seniors.

Watercolour and Acrylic Painting.  Please call Kerry Mills for registration.

Please bring your own materials.

Monday, 1pm to 3pm.  Oct. 5, 2020

(416) 392-1581 




 The Botanical Gardens.  (Edwards Gardens)

Acrylic Flower Painting.  Two day workshop, it was offered in the summer of 2019.  1 to 4pm.  Summer bookings only...request Ashley Nitkin!  Please call the Botanical Gardens for more information on how to register.  Thank you.




Regeneration House.  (Private Workshop, Summers) 



Private Lessons in your home or facility anywhere accessable by TTC.  I have worked extensively with people with Learning Disabilities and special needs as well as the general public.  Available Saturday afternoons, Sundays mornings, noon and evenings.  Please contact me for inquiries: (647) 403-9244, or (416) 481-0840.




Instructor: Ashley Nitkin

References available at your request.  Thank you!